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Greenhouse Gas removal Service

VCS Verified CO2 Emission Reduction in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14064. Integrates everywhere with a snippet of code.

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Become Climate Neutral Now

Offset your carbon footprint using micro Carbon Compensation Certificates starting with 1 Gram.

Our carbon offset API service let individuals and businesses offset their environmental footprint acquiring  certificates to reduce greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere. Carbon offsets fund specific projects that either lower carbondioxid emissions, or “sequester” CO2, meaning they take some CO2 out of the atmosphere and store it. Some common examples of projects include reforestation, building renewable energy, carbon-storing agricultural practices, and waste and landfill management. Reforestation in particular is one of the most popular types of projects to produce carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are granted to project owners, who sell them to third parties like companies that want to balance the CO2 they put into the atmosphere by paying to remove CO2 from somewhere else. This API allows to become a buyer of CO2 offset certificates.

Make it Part of Yours

Integrate the full process of certificate settelment, payment, clearing and deliverable within minutes.

Acknowledged Worldwide

Based in Germany we built a network of partners to ensure regulations get followed and highest level of compliance gets ensured.

Digital Trust Chain

Receive full insights in each individuel carbon offset request. Follow to the source starting with the first gram you offset.

We are humans

Our Team is there to help you. The only mistake you could do is not reaching out to us.

Post Processing where needed

All certificates will be delived online and by mail as Dataset, HTML and/or PDF.

Achieve decarbonisation targets

We work with environmental projects around the world that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving the livelihoods of local communities and preserving biodiversity and wildlife.


On Stage

Showcase CO2eq Calculator

Quantity Unit Nature CO2eq per Unit Total CO2eq 
Gallon Gasoline 8820
Liter Gasoline 2650
kWh Green-Electricity 52
kg Beef 5100
kg Coffee 2900
kg Pork 1017
kg Chicken 1432

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