become CO2-neutral

with CO2-Accounting

master the challenges of
within one App

realtime emission- reporting, compensating & tracking


Report any kind of CO2 Emission. The CO2-Accounting App provides regular templates for Emission-Reporting but also the possibility to write your own custom emission types.


Compensate all of your reported emissions with the built in API-Service. One Click Compensation with veriviable digital certificates.


Be ready for the next CO2-Audit. All transactions are stored within the App. Share & present your CO2 balance via graphs and data.


GHG-Protocol Compliant

All obtained certificates are compliant to the GHG-Emission Protocol. Which allows to certificate your company for CO2-neutrality


Reporting, Compensating & Tracking can all be done in realtime

For Everyone

The CO2-Accounting App is free to use. Companies as well as individuals are able to utilize CO2-Accounting. 

More than necessary

When compensating your emssions you are not only getting the necessary GHG-Protocoll certificates. Besides that you also get Long-Short-Term Carbon Cycle Conversation Certificates by verified foresting projects

Keep your Scopes on track

The CO2-Accounting App tracks your Emissions within the correct scope given by the GHG-Protocol

Easy to use

You dont need to be an climate expert nor an IT expert to use this app. CO2-Accounting is providing excellent usability by it's User-Interface.